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    Onsite and Remote Computer Repair, Computer Consulting, Computer Troubleshooting

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    When you need computer repair service or help figuring out how to work that thingamajig in Rancho Santa Margarita, go with a computer repair company in Rancho Santa Margarita area, keep your computer repairs local to Rancho Santa Margarita, go to your Rancho Santa Margarita computer repair neighbor.
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    Contact Eddie Taylor at: 949-888-8698

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    I Go To You!
    Onsite and Remote Computer Repair, Computer Consulting, Computer Troubleshooting

    FREE Phone Estimates
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    I'm Eddie Taylor, Owner of ET Computer Repair LLC!
    Onsite and Remote Computer Repair, Computer Consulting, Computer Troubleshooting

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    How We Got Started
    I started designing accounting software and building computers. Networking became available and I started connecting computers with COAX cables. When the Internet came about, I started designing web pages with Notepad. I do not expect the customer to know computer lingo, just tell me the problem and I will help get it fixed.

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    When you purchase a computer, you are getting starter speed, call me to get the Advanced speed!

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    ☢ Virus Scans and Removal ☢
    Viruses are annoying, they slow down your PC and are a danger to your files.

    ☢ Spyware Scans and Removal ☢
    Spyware normally appear from unwanted Internet pop-up ads and spy on your computer use.

    ☢ Passwords ☢
    Get help with picking secure passwords and storing them in a safe place.
    Password Reset - Did Your IT Guy Leave With Your Passwords?
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    Lost Windows Login Password
    Lost Computer Login Password
    Lost Windows Password
    Lost Computer Password Password Recovery
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    ☢ Updates ☢
    Keep your Windows or iMac updated.

    ☢ Backup Files ☢
    Don't take a chance on losing your files, keep your files backed up securely.
    No Backup - No Problem - Call Me

    Has Your Proxy Been Hijacked?
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    Windows Server and Clients


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    What important information should you know before calling me?

    You do not need to know anything before you call me; I will walk you through it. You might even be able to fix it yourself and save money.

    "by Eddie Taylor"
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